Black Seed Cumin - Four Ounce

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Black Cumin Seed is commonly referred to simply as Black Seed. The color is somewhere between black coffee and dark tea. Although it is a mobile liquid, the viscosity is similar to olive oil.  It absorbs slowly and leaves a slight residue that eventually soaks in. The flowering plant is in the Ranunculaceae family and grows in warm climates in southwest Asia and Mediterranean coastal areas. Commercially, the seed is the important part of the plant and although it does contain volatile essential oils it is normally the pressed oil that is used. Although the fresh seeds are sometimes used as a bitter seasoning this is not the same type of cumin normally associated with cooking. The more important use is medical; in natural healing traditions for controlling sugar issues and managing cholesterol. There are studies indicating common use for allergies, headaches and stomach issues. In addition to these mentioned, it is used in the areas where the plant is harvested for a variety of other healing applications.

  In the USA aroma therapists and healers use the oil as a carrier. It has an interesting balance of fatty acids. Linolenic acid is primary and it makes up more than 50% of the total fat content. This particular acid is common in seeds and some nut oils, particularly Walnuts. Oleic Acid is the second fatty acid in percentage making up about a quarter of the total fat content. It is also a very common acid found in both animal and vegetable sources like sunflowers. Palmitic, Stearic and Eicosadienoic acids are also naturally occurring with traces of many other fatty acids and some that are not extensively catalogued. Eicosadienoic acid is an Omega 6 produced by nursing mothers. The fact that several of the fats identified are not well documented indicates an opportunity for research at the university level.

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