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Dark-Roasted Coffee CO2 is an all-natural extract from the dark-roasted bean of the Coffea arabica producing a brown, mobile liquid with a more familiar nuttier coffee aroma without the fruity middle-notes found in our regular coffee CO2. This variety has a slightly charred or cooked aroma. It is safe for soaps, flavor applications and aroma therapy. The therapeutic benefit of diffusing coffee would primarily be the comforting effect of such a familiar home and hearth scent. There is a warming and grounding quality to coffee CO2. However coffee compounds are heavy and resinous and diffusers should be thoroughly cleaned after each use.

The differences in the two distinct extractions will impact flavor. Coffee connoisseurs differ over which is better. There is no noticeable difference in the strength of the two. The scent of the dark roasted is more similar to the C. robusta variety but it does have a full-bodied classy profile.

This variety has a greater value because of extra labor involved but our team has decided to keep the same prices. We sell more of this variety and samples are available with any size order.

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