Dental Rinse - One Ounce

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This is EOQA’s first dental rinse and we were intentional about our omission of mint. So many traditional dental products are mint heavy. Not only did we design a common sense all natural dental rinse we made it as original as possible. The principles used in this design are derived from Jean Valnet the Godfather of modern aromatherapy. The blend contains Clove, Orange, Lemon, Cinnamon and other essential oils. It is also pure essential oils so it is up to your team to blend it with vodka or some other rinse base for practical use. It would be a bad idea to use this blend as is for two reasons, first cost and then potency. It would be too expensive and too potent. We recommend in Vodka at just 10 percent. It could be used in a vinegar base as well for people who are avoiding all alcohol. Based on our 10 percent solution your team can enjoy some great margins at the retail level.

  It would also serve well in a homemade tooth paste application Many of these call for specific oils but in place of peppermint or cinnamon this formula would function well. 

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