Ironweed Total, Hydrosol - Two Ounce Sprayer

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Tall Ironweed Hydrosol, Vernonia gigantea is unlike most commercially available floral waters. It is not a fortuitous extra, instead it is the target product. For this reason steps are taken or omitted to ensure maximum yield. Sometimes essential oil plants are partly dried to reduce moisture and increase capacity in the distilling tanks. When the hydrosol is the desired material, preferably fresh, hydrated plants are loaded and that stored moisture is only released through distillation. It is not lost by evaporation but captured in the condenser. Water that was stored in plant cells and processed in the various parts of the plant throughout the entire life cycle is turned into a vapor and like a heaven bound spirit escapes into the transfer tube and is then returned to a liquid state in the condenser. It is precious water. It combines with distilled water that combines with water soluble elements of the biomass. It is a true solution, not just water. We might say it is basically water because that is the primary carrier, but it is not just water in the truest sense, because water-soluble plant chemicals, in this case, are not merely suspended, but genuinely dissolved. Lab analysis can detect these compounds that, by far, are more efficiently absorbed into the human body than essential oils. It is a fact that generally floral waters are not as strong or concentrated. It is also a fact that, as a general rule, they are far safer.
   The product is clear and has a pleasant aroma with a scent profile somewhere between freshly sliced red potato and crushed green beans. 

  Since EOQA Ironweed is a total, the entire plant is distilled, the healing benefit mirrors the actual living plant. EOQA can’t say definitively that Ironweed is a fever reducer or that it helps with menstruation challenges. We can say that is how Native American tribes used the plant.

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