Jasmine Absolute, Royal - One Ounce

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 Jasmine Absolute, Royal Jasminum grandiflorum is a viscous but mobile liquid with a bright red-orange color and a heavy floral aroma. The scent has creamy facets with both floral and fruity opulent notes. Each kilogram of liquid is achieved by using over 800 pounds of fresh flowers gathered in the dark. The material is extracted by solvent and then purified by ethyl alcohol. The famous perfume Anais Anais designed by Cacharel 1979 is built largely around a jasmine bouquet. Ironically fragrance experts often consider the character imparted by Jasmine as more masculine. Some fine aged batches are considered somewhat animalic. The natural chemistry includes methyl anthranilate, indol, benzyl alcohol, benzyl acetate, linalool and Linalyl acetate.

Used in a carrier, partly to manage cost, Jasmine works in massage for menstrual cramps and pains associated with the birthing process. In similar massage application it can alleviate post-partum blues. It can also be used for male hormonal issues and sexual dysfunction. It is not a substitute for proper diet, rest, and exercise and stress management. There are no substitutes for a balanced healthy lifestyle. In tandem with such lifestyle changes Jasmine absolute helps men relax during intimate bonding. It is also a special treat for pains associated with overtraining. It is also a good oil to occasionally cycle in skin treatments.

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