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Juice Hill is an all-natural blend of Orange and Bergamot essential oils with a generous helping of Vanilla Absolute. Diffuse it and enjoy the comments and sighs of your family and friends. It is designed for the winter blues and cabin fever that are so depressing during the bleak cold months. The aroma is somewhere between citrus fruit and vanilla ice cream. It is described as “citrus bliss, citrus delight,” and “lemon ice cream.” It contains no lemon but the addition of lemon might be a nice twist. Perhaps your creative team can have some fun.

Based on the research of biochemist Julia Lawless our team recommends use of this blend for depression. Additional actions include fungicidal, bactericidal and antiseptic and others consistent with pure orange essential oil or pure bergamot. For experienced aroma therapists and cosmetic professionals it could be employed for rinse-off acne treatments.

  In moderation, no more than a half gram per day, it could be used internally as an appetite suppressant. Blend a drop in an ounce bottle of olive oil and use half a teaspoon of that mixture to minimize cravings. Eat a well-balanced diet, exercise and follow doctor’s advice. Daily drink 64 oz. of water while using. Pregnant or nursing mothers should not use internally but it is safe to diffuse. Even in that application it can reduce cravings.

  While there is no substitute for medical treatment this product can be preventative if diffused often during the flu season. 

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