Mandarin, Mediterranean Red - One Ounce

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Mandarin, Mediterranean Red; is an expressed oil from the Citrus deliciosa cultivar. It is a variety developed in China that is so widely grown in Italy that the designation fits. It is sometimes called Willow leaf mandarin in the USA because it has lanceolate leaves like a willow. The trees are attractive, showy and more resistant to cold than other varieties of citrus. Fruits are small, seeded and have a comparatively thin rind. Other variety of Mandarin include King Mandarin Citrus nobilis, Satsuma Mandarin Citrus unshu, Temple Mandarin Citrus reticulata ssp tangor and a dozen others.

  The oil is bright orange and bubbly with an over-the-top fruity sweetness like tangerines on steroids. It is not cost effective as an exclusive in soap but in blends it is affordable.

For aroma therapy any of the normal orange and tangerine functions are in play but because of naturally occurring anthranilates there is a sedative action in this specific strain. Anthranilates in high concentrations can produce a slight fish hint but normally it is too subtle to notice. The normally small concentrations of anthranilates are not overbearing and actually responsible for the refined and lovely nuances unique to this oil. One drop in a tea spoon of honey and a half tea spoon of olive oil in a cup of green tea can aid sleep.

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