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Essential Oil Quality Alliance has her own version of White Angelica she calls Nurture.

Nurture is similar but contains some minor adjustments based on our end-in-mind paradigm. Although we follow a similar ingredient plan, we added Copaiba balsam for its many healing properties. We also added the EOQA JOY blend to bring in the florals in a way that would not price this blend out of reality. Save money. If you are a White Angelica user this might be a way to stretch your dollar. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Blend your material with ours.

 Nurture is a mood booster. Use it to break negative patterns. You might not be able to control the situation but you can control your response. Encourage your clients to add one step to their stress-to-meltdown path. Stop. Diffuse Nurture. Stop, place a drop of Nurture on the palm and briskly rub the hands together. Cup the hands and inhale. Add it to a carrier and put it in a roller bottle. Use it to slow that stress pattern.

  The blend contains: Copaiba balsam, Bergamot, Rosewood, Fir Needle, Cedar Atlas, Geranium, Ylang, Lemon Balm, May Chang, Sandalwood and Hyssop as well as the Joy blend which contains such fine oils as Rose and Roman Chamomile.  

  The blend is pure, with no carriers, so it is a far better value than similar blends sold with a carrier.

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