PSC Geranium 16.2 EO - Kilogram

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Geranium 16.2 is a complex synthetic designed to be nature identical. The formula uses only those chemicals found in nature. For this reason it has the characteristic citronellol and geraniol, geranium bouquet.  There are hints of floral green, leafy and slightly minty middle notes common in good natural Geranium. The response from soapers has been so good we were able to lower the prices to be competitive with the heavy cheap geranium fragrances sold by bigger companies. The 16.2 number signifies that we were able to include 16 of the primary natural components at levels comparable to natural geranium. The original purpose of this design was to serve as a cleanser in large filling operations to purge the lines before running natural geranium after which the first few bottles would be set aside and then the filling operation would commence with no fear that residues from the previous run would contaminate the system.

Soapers. This is your blend. It is nearly natural and the soft rosy notes are prettier and more delicate than any synthetic you have ever used.  

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Manufacturer EOQA
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