Pumpkin Pie Flavor - Pound

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::Unknown.jpegFor this flavor we used cinnamon, clove and nutmeg extracts. It is a mild flavor and can be used as is but we recommend some tweaking by the manufacturer in your finished product. Our recommended use is five to 10 percent but depending on your product there is room for adjustment either in higher or lower concentrations. 
The primary challenges to making flavors are safety, cost, and the actual usefulness of the product in application. This is not easy to do using all naturals and so to create a full flavor we utilize some artificial flavor components. Even though many of these ingredients occur in nature much is lost in distilling both in the hydrolate or left in the biomass. We think your customers would be pleased to know that your essential oil company is designing and selling flavors.  The cost is reasonable and the range of use is wide. These are fairly concentrated but they have been blended with safety in mind. They can be used in candies, drinks and desserts. 

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