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Garden Sage or (Dalmatian) Sage, or Common Sage, Salvia officinalis L. when distilled produces a useful hydrosol, in addition to essential oil. The herb can be distilled fresh, specifically for the purpose of recovering the hydrosol. Fresh herb contains a great deal of water in the leaves and stems. Not only does the steam and heat cause the essential oil to turn to a vapor, it also causes the moisture released from the herb, to do the same. In addition to this water, water soluble compounds in the fresh leaf and stem are transferred into the conditioner where they are cooled and soon join the water vapor as it returns to a liquid composition.  The steam that originated from ordinary pure water, at this point, acts as a carrier for the water soluble compounds and a portion of the plant’s own stored water. Furthermore trace amounts of volatile content are present in the water. Even when great care is taken to separate water from oil very small fractions of these compounds remain. The ones that remain in the largest percentages are those with similar specific gravity. In other words the chemicals that are about the same weight as water are harder to separate and more likely to remain suspended in the hydrosol. The water is now a new solution. The truly water soluble compounds have altered the water. Usually the plant-based chemical content of hydrosols is very low. However; that is a good thing. It renders them safer, gentler and the aroma less overbearing. They are less prone to bacterial contamination than common distilled water. They are absorbed into the skin more efficiently than EO or fats.

   Garden Sage Hydrosol has a spicy, herbal and slightly medicinal aroma. Like the aroma of most other hydrosols, it is very mild. The usefulness is not extensively studied but it has value as an immediate spritzer for hot flashes. It is also good for moderate sunburns and muscle aches.  There are no known or verifiable contraindications. This is a gentle product.

  It is a great product to use in the steam iron when doing laundry approved for steam ironing. The steam imparts a clean fresh aroma in clothes and does not stain. It is excellent when ironing heavier material like khaki. It is preferable to perfumed dryer sheets and chemically enhanced fabric softeners.

  This product is wildly underpriced and undervalued in the current sheep-follow-the-herd mentality directed by MLM companies. A parent who wants to feel good about the money spent on medical and natural health related products has nothing to fear from this practical and precious healing water. Like most of our hydrosols this is a limited seasonal item. We use what we have from summer to summer. In this way we avoid bacterial issues and we only offer very fresh material.

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