White Peppermint Hydrosol - Two Ounce

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White Peppermint Hydrosol, Mentha piperita is distilled from a less common variation of the “Mitcham” English Peppermint. The common black Mitcham or M. piperita officinalis rubescens is sweeter and more flavor oriented and therefore a commercially favored cultivar. It has a higher oil yield and is planted extensively in Washington state and Indiana. The white mint variety has lower menthol and a different balance of natural compounds that does not comply with the ISO standards for US mint. EOQA only produces the hydrosol in appreciable volumes albeit seasonally and limited. For this reason we offer it only in the spritzer sizes of two and four ounce. Admittedly our prices are not competitive.  Our material is organic and wild crafted to promote native bee and butterfly populations. The leaves and stems are green and the flowers are multicolored and gilded. The plants are about two feet tall when we cut for distillation and all the hydrosol is produced in glass. We add no additional distilled water to stretch our usable material. When we sell out we don’t produce until the next harvest. The aroma is minty with a sweet clover blossom facet. There is a subtle penetrating menthol top note but because this is a floral water these notes are soft, gentle and mild.

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